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Director’s Profile


Asad Ali Khan, in his career has worked with some of the largest companies, not only in Pakistan but also throughout the world. His longest affiliation has been with Pepsi Co. where he has worked as Managing Director for the Pepsi Cola Ghana operations, Director Operations for Russia and West Asia and most recently as Group President, Pepsi Northern Bottling Company (Pakistan).

Within Pakistan, Asad Ali Khan, has worked with market giant such as Haleeb Foods and Tetrapak Pakistan, Glaxo and Exxon. Currently, he is providing consultancy in the field of Management & Business Excellence to Ghani Group which includes Ghani Glass Limited, Ghani Automobiles Limited and Ghani Value Glass Limited. He also provides consultancy to companies in the field of Packaging Agro Businesses, Beverages and Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Asad Ali Khan is also involved in the Minerals & Mining Business and hold license for the only Tar Sand deposit in Pakistan which on development can provide a major source of Bitumen Base Sand in Pakistan.

Academically, he did his Undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Engineering in Systems and Controls from University of Maryland, USA. Followed by a Diploma in Accounting and Finance. In Addition to this, he has done a number of professional training courses such as those dealing with Project Management, Labour Laws, Glass Technology, Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance.

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